Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things I would like to accomplish...

1) remove the winter parking ban. other cities & towns only invoke bans when winter weather in imminent. there is NO reason why that can not be the case here as well.

2) loosen the building requirements in the downtown zone to encourage development.

3) allow more city services to be accessed/purchased via the internet, such as:
- pulling simple building permits (sheds, etc)
- acquiring dump permits

4) enforce zoning/prosecute businesses that advertise illegally by posting signs on public property (such as the "we buy houses" or "bristol singles" signs that are all over town)

5) set up a recreation area for ATV's, dirt bikes, & snowmobiles. there is no reason we can't spare a few acres to allow residents to enjoy their pleasure vehicles legally. require yearly licenses, safety gear, and a waiver for ALL riders. riding allowed noon-sunset. anyone not adhering to those rules would be trespassing and will be prosecuted.

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